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NeuroLAT program and services are fully online, for the safety of our students since May 2020

with personal touch by our dedicated and encouraging onboarding teachers and year round support of our NeuroLAT team

The Academic Missing Gap

It’s no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to our kids’ learning abilities as each of them are so unique. With at least 20% increase in the school curriculum year on year, we need more than just effective instructional methodologies and teaching styles to expect a different result, and above all, improvement from our children’s academic performance.

However, merely adopting effective teaching methodologies have fallen short in addressing the real root problem. That is overcoming learning disabilities and injecting cognitive skills development. In this digital age, discerning and savvy parents are yearning for a more fun and effective approach to make our kids much smarter by accelerating their higher cognitive capabilities. In so doing, our children can measure up to their ever-increasing academic challenges.

We at NeuroLAT team notice this academic missing gap and wanted a refreshing change, for the sake of our kids’ academic breakthroughs and greater happiness. We are so glad we did it. This is how NeuroLAT on-demand cognitive training lessons is created and now made easily accessible to families, right in the comfort of their homes.

The Cognitive Bridging Program that Works

With more than 26 years of research & development, Dr. Ng Meng Lek’s NeuroLAT program has helped over 1,600 students to boost their cognitive potential and improve their academic performance. Leveraging on artificial intelligence and cloud-based technology, NeuroLAT identifies your child’s current cognitive strengths and deficiencies to create a personalized brain training regimen suited for their particular needs.

This home-based training is fully online and is equipped with daily on-demand lessons. So your child can easily fit these lessons into his time-table, Monday through Sunday. Such flexibility allows him/her to save time on travelling, have more rest and not compromise the time required for other important school commitments. Your child can direct precious time and energies into more effective and frequent training from the comfort of home to accelerate his/her learning abilities. 

With just 30 mins a day on the NeuroLAT Program, you will notice gradual improvements in your child’s ability to focus, absorb contents and apply what they have learnt to their academic subjects. An increase in their attention span and optimizing their learning abilities also means they can complete their homework faster, leaving more time for rest and recreation. Students on the NeuroLAT Program have reported evident cognitive improvements from as short as 1 to 4 months, and gained greater confidence and faith in themselves.

NeuroLAT Features




Customised and progressive lessons that are generated by Artificial Intelligence to train and optimize your child’s 35+ learning abilities. On-demand lessons can be accessed anytime, anywhere with internet access.



Proven results with over 26 years of higher learning research and practice, with recent published journal that attests to its effectiveness to increase executive functioning on students with autism


Specially selected onboarding teachers are attached to students to help familiarise them with the program to encourage them and keep them on track. We support parents and students all year round, Monday to Sunday.



Easy log in and access to your child’s quarterly scientific reports on his/her personal dashboard. Daily scores can be reviewed, after each lesson. Fast, convenient and flexible to fit your child’s time-table.

About NeuroLAT

NeuroLAT is the brainchild of renowned educational psychologist and higher learning abilities expert, Dr Ng Meng Lek, who has spent more than 20 years, formulating a series of powerful cognitive training program that effectively improves the learning of students aged 3 and above. This cognitive training has yielded proven success for more than 1,200 children, from children to adults in both mainstream and special needs schools.

Dr Ng adapts for the 21st century digital age the same training techniques that a 19th century German Pastor Karl Witte used to train his own child since birth. As a result of his training, his son was fluent in 6 languages by the age of 9, got his 1st PhD in Philosophy at age 14 and the next PhD in law at the age of 16. His World Guinness records of being the youngest PhD holder still stands for 200 years and remains unbeatable to date.

The phenomenal results of the programme that improved a 20-year-old autistic youth’s cognitive and social behavior in just 10 days has caught the attention of Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The news was published on Malaysia’s The Star online newspapers. Dr Ng was invited by the Malaysian authorities in November 2016 to share about his program breakthroughs. 

In 2019, Dr Norfishah Mat Rabi from Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Iris, selected 10 students from National Autism of Malaysia (NASOM) between 4 years old to 14 years old. She observed and measured how these 10 students could benefit from NeuroLAT training. After 6 months of observations, all of them improved in their executive functioning – namely cognitive abilities, social functions and communications skills. She published her professional evaluations in the HR Mars journal which went on to win the best research paper award on an international level.

The first NeuroLAT program powered by Artificial Intelligence, was sold in the US in March 2016, thereafter Asia and beyond. Headquartered in Singapore, NeuroLAT has expanded to Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Australia and Mongolia within the next 4 years. The NeuroLAT team provides diagnostics and assessment services to institutions, as well as consultations to families.

Years to Formulate

Proven Success & Counting

Countries Selling

Languages Available

We help your child with more than 35 Learning Abilities

Problem Solving

Detailed Memory



Word Recognition

Visual Sequencing Memory

Auditory Sequencing Memory

Extended Meaning

Understanding Concepts



Abstract Concepts

Spatial Perceptual Abilities


System of Mathematical Value Abilities

Vocabulary Coherent Abilities

Photographic Memory Abilities

Similarity Abilities

Visual Closure Abilities

Visual/Auditory Memory Abilities

Conceptualisation Abilities

Classifications Abilities

Reading Speed

Sequential Memory Abilities

Strategies of Planning Abilities

Sequential Extension Abilities

System Convergent Abilities

Logical Thinking Abilities

Visual Motor Spatial Abilities

Visual/Auditory Memory

Details Memorisation


Reading Comprehension – Languages

Reading Speed – Languages

Creativity Abilities – Science

Arithmetics – Maths

Mathematics – Maths

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does NeuroLAT train?
School teachers impart knowledge through content-based learning. NeuroLAT trains multiple learning abilities to help students faster and process academic contents much better and faster, to perform more effortlessly in their academic life.

A simple analogy would be in the case of a NBA basketballer. The basketball is the content. The slam dunk is the goal. The skills to achieve the slam dunk is the learning abilities NeuroLAT trains.

How does NeuroLAT work?

There are 45 to 180 questions in each lesson, tailor-made for each student’s attempts over 6 months to 1 year, according to their cognitive age’s required learning abilities, Questions are customized for age 3 and above. Each child can attempt up to 3 lessons daily through both visual and audio learning. They can also log in and out more than 1 time to complete each lesson, enabling them to practice during the free time slots of their study time table.

The artificial intelligence (A.I.) powered online cognitive program will generate the questions for each learning ability and train the child until they succeeded in reaching the level of difficulty appropriate for their age and beyond. The child would have to accurately answer the questions in order to progress up the levels of difficulty and complexity, based on their individual’s competency in each sub-level.

As the child is being trained, the A.I. will assess the strengths and weaknesses relating to the child’s range of learning abilities and generate 3 comprehensive reports, for the parents to review the students’ performance.

Why is NeuroLAT different from other cognitive training in the market?
NeuroLAT is the world’s first and only cognitive training program, powered by artificial intelligence, individually customised for each child. This on-demand flexibility enables a child to resume the lessons anytime, anywhere, as long as there is Internet access on the laptop, iPad or Tablet. Your child can also split the lessons into 2 or 3 segments in a day to fit into his/her time table, doing it in the comfort of the home.

The NeuroLAT system will monitor the child’s progress and up the level of difficulty and number of questions accordingly, so the improvement can be accelerated with regular and consistent practice.

Such an A.I. home-based online program saves parents and the child’s traveling time, energies and money, and yet enjoying a highly effective and results-proven brain training.

How it is customized for each student?
There are 2 types of programs for every age to meet the needs of your children, namely:

1) Standard Program with MindAnalysis for Students in Normal Mainstream and Special Needs

2) Therapy Interventionist Program for Students with Special Needs and IQ 120 and above

Each NeuroLAT program can only train 1 student for the duration of the 6 or 12 month to ensure consistency of the individualised progress and accuracy of diagnostic reports generated. The pace of progress is unique to every child on this program.

How do I monitor the progress of my child?
There are lessons scores and time taken for each lesson which you can view at the end of each lesson.

The 3 new lessons will be generated daily at 8am, Singapore time.

After each of the first 60-90 lessons every 93 days cycle (approximately 3 months), you will get to receive each of the 3 sets of diagnosis reports to review your child’s progress.

What are the scientific reports generated by NeuroLAT?
4 comprehensive diagnostic or analysis reports are embedded in NeuroLAT, after the completion of each of the 1st set of 90 lessons.

1) Learning abilities diagnostic report

2) Preferred learning styles report

3) Suitable vocational analysis report

4) Compiled summary of the learning abilities progress and 4th progress report

Using its proprietary MindAnalysis algorithm, it allows parents to track the child’s progress with a complete and comprehensive report on the child’s learning abilities. The report will identify the student’s strengths, areas of improvements, and suggestions on how to create the optimal learning environment for the child.

Completion, extension and renewal of the program is advised based on the aptitude and progress of each student on the NeuroLAT program. Students can opt for extension if they display higher potential to achieve further peak performance after 6, 9 or 12 months.

Can I choose to extend or renew the program for my child?
Completion, extension and renewal of the program is advised based on the aptitude and progress of each student on the NeuroLAT program. Students can opt for extension if they display higher potential to achieve further peak performance after 6, 9 or 12 months.

The pace of progression to gifted level on the program is dependent on the child’s own aptitude and learning abilities.


How long does my child need to go on the lesson?
This program only requires approximately 30-45 minutes per lesson at least once a day, on a laptop, iPad or Tablet with internet connectivity anytime, anywhere.

NeuroLAT caps the maximum usage at 3 lessons a day so the brain, is not exhausted or overly stretched with the cognitive training.

How fast can I start seeing results on my child?
Evidence of improvement is usually shown after 90 daily lessons are completed consistently, provided no medical conditions and/or psychological issues impedes his/her learning.

If your child completes at least one lesson (approximately 30 mins or more) daily, the results will gradually be evident, over the months of practice.

If my child skip lessons for a few days, would it affect his/her learning?
It is highly encouraged for your child to do the lessons at least once a day.

If your child skips for one to a few days, the artificial intelligence system would still be able to adjust accordingly to your child’s cognitive level when they are back on the NeuroLAT, and continue with your child’s progress. However, this may delay his/her progress slightly to a certain extent.

How young can my child go on the program?
Children from age 3 and above can utilise the benefits of NeuroLAT.

Youths, working adults and the seniors can be on this program to increase their overall learning abilities and brain power, mental sharpness and heighten their memory.

What other value-added service does NeuroLAT provide?
A preliminary assessment and development recommendation will be provided for each student by the Program Manager and/or Consultant, before the student embarks on the program.

Upon taking up the program, a dedicated and well-trained onboarding teacher will be selected to match the unique temperament and personality of the child, and to work with the parent closely. The onboarding teacher guides and teaches the child on all the concepts of the 39 learning abilities over 8 zoom lessons in the 1st 3 months, and follows up in the 6th and 9th month to monitor the progress of your child.

A NeuroLAT advisor is available to further support and attend to the parents’ inquiry on the interpretation of the progress reports and compilation during the subscription period of the program.

What languages are NeuroLAT available in?
NeuroLAT is available in English, Mandarin (Simplified, Traditional), Bahasa Indonesian versions.

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